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Why Better in Bourbon

Why Better in Bourbon?

It seems there is so much focus on what is wrong today, a rapid spread of negativity. Over the last year, I’ve attempted to refocus my energy on what is right, on things which are positive. With unwavering support from friends and family, I am returning to a lifelong passion.

During college, aka ancient times, I was the first Kansas State student to intern at the Atlanta Apparel Mart. Upon graduation, I worked for 15 years in wholesale apparel based in Kansas City which involved creating the first online sales portal to traveling supporting NCAA sports and later relocated to Nashville as a brand ambassador.

Kansas City seemed to have a magnetic draw for me throughout my career adventures so after Nashville it was home base for me. Bonus that my older sister had her first baby and so I naturally assumed my role as ‘Super Aunt’.   My next chapter lasted over 20 years in corporate marketing which included another relocation to Chicago.

After having the opportunity to live in several cities, I found a sense of ease returning to Fort Scott. I met my husband, and we are blessed by two daughters.  Life is simpler in a rural community, and I consider myself fortunate to have the perspective to realize life is ‘better in bourbon’.

One of those reasons are treasured friendships.  I’ve been able to reconnect with childhood friends, school friends, and fortunately even made new friends upon moving back to Fort Scott.  One of my dearest new friends, Jared Leek, allowed me to use his beautiful space in the historic Liberty Theatre for a pop-up shop in late November of 2021.  Due to his generosity and the overwhelming customer support, I made the decision to make it ‘official’. 

I opened a permanent home in mid-December 2021.  The small but ideal sized shop is located on picturesque Main Street USA.  Nestled between the Fort Scott National Historic Site and the Lowell Milken Center Museum for Unsung Heroes. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement paired with anxiety and ‘what the heck have I done’ moments.  

I hope you enjoy shopping for yourself, your best friend, your kids, your nieces, and every other important person in your life.  Thank you for joining me and supporting my latest adventure!

All my best from Bourbon –